Case studies
Happily Unmarried
Rajat Tuli & Rahul Anand

"While there is now a substantial infrastructure in India to incubate start-ups in the software and IT businesses, there is virtually nothing for young start-ups in the creative economy. Happily Unmarried is now considered as one of India's coolest companies and it could have not happened without Sunny Narang, the driving force behind Anglian Futures Advisory."

Anglian Medal Hunt Company
Maneesh Bahuguna

"AMHC was incepted as a result of the visionary thinking of Sunny Narang and his insatiable child- like curiosity in going places where most fear to tread. Anglian Futures Advisory was instrumental in creating the business model for the venture."

Nitin Pamnani

"Most dynamic spark generator, that's what Sunny has been to many evolving ideas. He adds the right ingredients at an apt time to the recipe. With iTokri, he and Anglian Futures Advisory have been generous and supportive to the core."

L .Kannan

"Conventional VCs are so besotted with 'models' that drive exit multiples that they fail to spot the real game-changers that are beyond the grasp of spread sheets. In this bleak landscape of funds chasing fashionable business ideas, AFA was a refreshing change."

Anshul Anand & Vinayak Grover

"We rethink and remodel all the orthodox ways of business, redesign the framework of research and RE-INVENT! For the next generation. "It’s Rather Simple", it's not just a tag line for us but it's what we believe in. We all know that "technology simplifies life", and NGA's innovations and inventions will add more glitter to the statement. We take the most stereotypical and old problems of day-to-day life and give them simple and striking technological solution with the next generation thoughts. At NGA, we believe in what’s “NEXT”. We are focused in providing new and ingenious vision to simple machines and technology."

Omega Bright Steel

The relation between Anglian Futures Advisory Private Limited (AFA) and Omega Bright Steel blossomed when OBS was looking for growth capital of USD 10 mn to complete the Chakan plant with latest technology and kick start operations in another automotive hub of Chennai which would make it one of leading bright bar manufacturers in India with a capacity to produce 75,000 metric tonnes annually.

Shillong Lajong FC

Anglian Futures Advisory played a key role in helping Anglian Omega Group identify the right investment option in the form of Shillong Lajong FC. AFA helped in target identification by conducting a landscape study on Indian football clubs & industry.

Chetan Kapoor

For a start-up that is attempting to traverse the tough ground between the social sector and the corporate sector thus addressing the huge need to bridge these two, finding an accelerator for sustainability and growth can be extremely daunting...

Young Monk
Piyush Kant & Ayonava Bagchi

We--two staunch middle-class, much married small-town boys--had a whirlwind of thoughts and doubts swirling in our heads when the thought of creating something of our own started germinating. In fact, the thought also came because of having worked with Sunny--his infectious enthusiasm and willingness to back people to the hilt gave us the confidence to try our luck with entrepreneurship and create a communication firm which actually delivers more than it promises...

Book Keeper
Varun Mendiratta

It's been great working with Vaibhav and Anglian. It has helped in structuring my business model and strategy, and helped me in finding a like-minded partner who understands the needs of my business to take it to the next level of growth...

Happy Beverages and Foods
Rahul Uppal

Like most entrepreneurs, we faced the anxiety that a start- up team faces during negotiation with investors. Questions like what to say yes to? When to say yes? What to ask for in return? Evaluating options.. etc.. Sunny and Vaibhav guided us with market intelligence to reach a fair valuation. They kept their own interests aside and helped us connect with the right people to see through the transaction. They advised us on closing the deal with Netsurf. Sunny has been a favorite and a mentor to our team,he always has a solution to dilemmas we face, whether strategic or tactical. Anglian has been a trusted guiding force for us. We look forward to Anglian being a catalyst to build further alliances as we grow....