Services for International Companies


  • Select investment opportunities in Indian start ups or growth companies that we are invested in.
  • Co-investing in opportunities that might have come to you directly.
  • Co-investing in your existing undertakings in India.

  • Additionally, if you are looking to enter the Indian market, can offer the following services:


  • Industry specific market analysis and market research.
  • Comprehensive evaluation of the actual immediate and future market potential for your product in the South Asian markets. This would include market research, desk research, trade interviews and one-on–ones with relevant domain experts and travel to the markets, wherever necessary.
  • Identification of competing products already in the market. Formulating a marketing strategy including suggesting the best price points and customizations, if necessary for better penetration of your product.
  • Technology adaption -suggesting possible deviations of your product to better suit the local markets. These could be manufactured as 'made for Asia' versions and can be tested with 100% imported products for a period of one year to assess feasibility.
  • Identification of appropriate distribution channels and channel partners across the wide range of distribution options in India- business to business, business to consumer, franchising, organized retail and the internet.
  • Recommendations for an entry strategy into the South Asian market.
  • Finalization of all legal and operational issues with channel partners.
  • Commencement of business.
  • In certain select cases, an Anglian company could become the master distributor or master franchisee for your product in South Asia.
  • Technology

    Through our tie-up with Empathy Logic, a market-leading IT solutions company based out of Silicon Valley, California, we can provide you with fast and efficient solutions for all your technology needs. From e-marketing and data management to mobile integration and augmented reality solutions, we will help you find the right tools to aid your business growth.

    Empathy Logic team's years of experience in helping multinational companies as well as start-ups achieve their technology goals, can provide you with cost-effective solutions that can speed up your returns on your technology investments.