The Anglian Futures Advisory Team
Dhruv Ratra
Advisor - Technology & Sports
Dhruv Ratra
Dhruv is a serial entrepreneur who has used his problem-solving skills over the past 18 years to help companies around the world to streamline their processes, address underlying issues as well as generate opportunities through the use of technology and statistics. Many corporations have leveraged his expertise including some well-known multinationals such as Samsung Electronics (Korea), Hewlett-Packard (Germany), British Telecom (UK), as well as General Motors, Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems and Credit Suisse (US).

He is one of the co-founders of Empathy Logic, a leading Marketing Automation solutions vendor based out of Silicon Valley, California, and is currently spearheading its ambitious growth. In the past, he has significantly contributed to the success of numerous start-ups, including Polaris Associates, Encentuate (acquired by IBM), Interwoven (acquired by Autonomy) and NeoVision Hypersystems (acquired by SS&C Technologies).

Prior to his success in the corporate world, he obtained his Master's and PhD (ABD) degree in Mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and his Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the University of Chicago.