The Anglian Futures Advisory Team
Sunny Narang
Chief Mentor
Sunny Narang
Sunny Narang is Head (M&A) and Business Development at Omega Bright Steel Private Limited, the North Indian leaders in bright bars based in Faridabad. He has been instrumental in leading their expansion to the main auto hubs of Pune , Chennai and other parts of India.

With a passion for rural development and making it self-sustaining, he has facilitated grassroot micro-enterprises to innovate and thrive in the urban and global markets. He has been involved in integrating design-based and traditional craft-based enterprises to reinvent as creative industries providing employment and economic growth at the village level. He has initiated merchandising systems for craft and design retail. He believes that an enabling environment and an ecology of mentors, advisors, financial and networking support systems needs to be created for talented individuals and groups for sustained growth. He has angel-invested/mentored and supported design-led enterprises and retail.

He is a sitting board member in non-profits with extensive networks in media, technology and academia.